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Jobs Queensland Limited (JQL) is a leading not for profit, community based organisation providing high quality and flexible assistance programs throughout Rockhampton, Central Queensland and South East Queensland. If you are a disadvantaged job seeker looking to gain meaningful employment, Jobs Qld could assist you.

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Our focus:

We run training programs to help improve skills and knowledge, and enable participants to transition into sustainable employment. Our ethos is first and foremost about benefiting the following participants:

  • Long term unemployed; and
  • Disadvantaged job seekers

What we do:

To help the long term unemployed and disadvantaged job seekers prepare for, find and maintain employment, we provide:

  • Pre employment training
  • Job placement services
  • Ongoing support programs

What we achieve:

  • Assist long term unemployed persons improve their employment related skills
  • Help people transition from welfare dependency to sustainable employment
  • Provide our participants with real industry work experiences
  • Encourage participants to establish solid work ethics
  • Ensure participants understand employer expectations
  • Deliver quality training and skills to disadvantaged groups
  • Install a sense of pride and ownership in achievements
  • Provide motivation and help build confidence
  • Make a difference to local communities

Since our inception in August 2000, the results from our programs have seen us provide a 65-70% employment outcome for our participants. Hundreds of job-seekers have benefited from our services. Many industries and businesses within our region work closely with us and we’ve established solid networks for improved services.

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